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Must Have FREE Toolbar Addons For Marketing Success

15 April 2010

And NO! It’s not the Google Toolbar for Firefox even though we are talking about toolbar / addons here.

I hope as a website / blog owner you are already using Firefox browser, if you are still using Internet Explorer, then its high time you switch to Firefox. Google’s Chrome browser is faster than Firefox but the sheer number of web marketing related add-ons gives Firefox the edge over any other competing browsers.

With the web getting increasingly interactive and social, many sites are coming up with their own toolbars. There are literally hundreds of them now and if you were to download them all, you will be left with no space on your monitor.

Online marketing is often fiercely competitive.  Wouldn’t it be a HUGE plus if you can have all the important data about any page you are visiting right in front of your eyes without you spending any extra time ?

Being a minimalist, I’ll tell you about only the most useful toolbar add-ons that would prove to be of immense value in making your online marketing campaign a successful one.

SEO Toolbar from SEO Book

Search Status Toolbar from Quirk

Here are some of the things you can see with these:

  • Number of backlinks to entire site that you viewing thro’ Yahoo Explorer
  • Number of backlinks to the page you are viewing
  • Google Page Rank
  • Age of the website / WhoIS data
  • How many pages of your website are included in search engines (  aka “Index saturation” )
  • Important directory links info ( Dmoz, Yahoo and BOTW directories )
  • Compete Monthly unique visitors to the site
  • SEMRush estimated traffic value if you were to buy the traffic via  Google Adwords.
  • Search engine ranking checker ( you are going to love this feature ! )
  • On page optimization for the page you are viewing
  • Ability to view / manage your RSS feed subscriptions ( seo book toolbar only )
  • Show the rel nofollowed links
  • Compare up to 5 websites at a time! ( seobook toolbar only )
  • SEOmoz linkscape tools mozrank ( quirk search status toolbar only )

Both of these are fantastic add-ons for your Firefox and will give you that competitive edge for succeeding with your website promotion. If you don’t have them yet, I highly recommend you install them without any further delay.

The third must have tool you should have in your marketing arsenal is the


which would save you hundreds of hours by securely remembering and automatically filling sign up forms, login info for you with a single click.

The best part? Just like above two excellent addons, Roboform is 100% free for personal user. ( They also offer a pro version for those who need it but 99% of times, the free version is sufficient. )

If you dabble in the web design / development side besides marketing your website, then you’d want to install the Firebug and/or Web Developers Toolbar too.

If you are new to internet marketing, start with one add-on at a time. Watch videos related to it on the authors site, youtube.com and rinse-repeat for the next add-on.

Last but not the least, if you don’t like the Quirk Search Status plug-in, you can try an equally excellent add-on called SEOQuake

Which are the toolbars you are using to manage your online marketing campaigns? Feel free to share in comments.